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Sustainability Policy

Incentivate has enacted a policy to ensure best practices in meeting our environmental and sustainable responsibilities with a culture of continuous environmental improvement for the benefit of present and future generations.

Our Objectives

Incentivate manages its operations so that they comply with all relevant environmental legislation and standards in the areas within which it operates. Furthermore, we seek at all times to reduce the environmental impact of our operations by identifying and minimizing environmental waste and risk.

Incentivate is committed to identifying, assessing and controlling those elements of our operation that impact the environment.

In line with sound business practice, we will:

    • Maintain a management system that assists with the identification of our environmental impacts and establishes responsibilities, objectives and targets, and mechanisms for reviewing environmental performance and improvement
    • Minimise pollution and consumption of fuel, energy and water
    • Recycle where possible as well as reduce and dispose of waste with minimal environmental impact
    • Provide environmental awareness training for employees where required
    • Consider the environmental impact of business decisions
    • Encourage suppliers, distributors and clients to acknowledge the environmental impact of their activities and support our environmental objectives
    • Respect stakeholder opinion in the management of environmental affairs
    • Support environmental innovation within our industry and community


Our Victorian office is in one of Australia’s most beautiful environments in North East Victoria. Close to the Victorian Alpine ski fields, the amazing wine regions of Rutherglen and the King Valley plus the many great vineyards around Beechworth. A truly amazing place to work and play.

As we state in our policy, we are committed to environmental respect so have an advanced solar and battery system powering our office.